PlayStation 4 Exceeds 100 Million Sales

Sony will be delighted with the impression that the PlayStation 4 has had on the world, and that has been reflected in the fact that it has now surpassed the barrier for 100 million sales.

Sony announced the milestone in their latest earnings. They revealed that they sold 3.2 million units in the quarter ended June 30th. That means in total, over 100 million have been sold. Before the announcement, they had been sitting on 96.8 million sales of the PlayStation 4.

Many may have believed that the sales of the PlayStation 4 may have been slowing down with the recent announcement of the PlayStation 5. However, the figures tend to point to the contrary. The PlayStation 4 remains the fastest homes games console to reach 100 million sales. That landmark was reached faster than that of the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Wii.

That makes for pretty big shoes to fill for the PlayStation 5.