The Last of Us Part II Delayed Until February

Many gamers would have been counting down the months until February so they could get the latest instalment of The Last of Us.

However, those hoping for a swift release would have been left feeling disappointed after it has recently been announced by the director of the game that there will be a delay on the title hitting the shelves.

In a heartfelt post on the official PlayStation website, he revealed that the game would actually be released in May and not the initial February date that was widely expected.

Reasoning For Delay

Neil Druckmann’s reason for the delay would be accepted by the players, as he stated: “During the last few weeks, as we were closing out sections of the game, that we realized we simply didn’t have enough time to bring the entire game up to a level of polish we would call Naughty Dog quality.

“At this point, we were faced with two options: compromise parts of the game or get more time. We went with the latter, and this new release date allows us to finish everything to our level of satisfaction while also reducing stress on the team.”

Blow To Gamers

The news certainly came as a blow to many fans around the world as they would have been hoping for the game to usher in the New Year. However, few could argue that the maximum enjoyment is the most important aspect that fans will be looking for from the game.

The Last of Us Part II will follow on from the critically acclaimed 2013 release of The Last of Us. The adrenaline-fueled third-person action-adventure game will continue the story of Ellie. She is a young woman who managed to survive a biologic disaster, before venturing across the United States with a smuggler named Joey.

The game was praised for its compelling story, with the two lead characters bonded instantly and faced with a unique challenge of staying alive in an ever-changing world. Not only that, but the gameplay drew widespread acclaim, and that is highlighted by gamers patiently waiting for the next instalment so they can discover what comes next in their story.

Three-Year Tease

The sequel was announced in December 2016, before being shown at E3 in 2018 without a release date. That date was announced just last month as February 21st, but that would seem wide of the mark now following Druckmann’s statement.

However, gamers will be safe in the knowledge knowing that there are still some huge games slated for release in the early months of 2020. Among those as the Final Fantasy VII remake in March, and the multiplatform game Cyberpunk 2077 in April.

Regardless, Druckmann signed off his message with a promise to fans of The Last of Us. He said: “We hope you understand that this additional time ensures that The Last of Us Part II lives up to our collective ambition as well as our commitment to the highest level of quality.

“We know the extra few months will add to what may already be an excruciating wait for all of us. We are grateful for your patience and continued support. Come next May, you will finally rejoin Ellie in The Last of Us Part II.”