The History Of Xbox

The Origins

The Xbox is by far one of the most popular console franchises of all time and is the major competitor to Sony’s PlayStation. The first Xbox was released nearly 17 years ago. Bill Gates, who at the time was CEO of Microsoft, the developer of the console, announced at the Game Developers Conference back in 2000. It was initially called the DirectX Box.

However, it was quickly discovered by the marketing team that this name might not be as effective and so it was renamed to the Xbox. Many were at first sceptical of the Xbox, as due to Microsoft’s history, they have seen it as more of a PC rather than an actual gaming console.

Xbox Live

A year after the Xbox was released, Microsoft would then release ‘Xbox Live’, their in-house online gaming network that would use the internet to allow players to play with friends online on several games.

Alongside the network was also a headset and a keypad to make communication easier. It attracted a staggering 150,000 subscribers in just it’s the first week and is still as popular to this day.

The Follow-Ip

In 2005 the Xbox 360 was unveiled, the successor to the original Xbox. Microsoft timed it so that it was released a full year before it’s competitors the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Wii were released.

A total of 24 million units of the Xbox 360 were sold however after a slump in sales the production was eventually ceased. However, Microsoft was not defeated. In 2009 and 2010 they released the Xbox Kinect which was a motion and voice peripheral that would work with games. This was a hit as it revolutionised how players would interact with their consoles.

The Xbox One

Microsoft announced the Xbox one in 2013. This was the next and latest instalment in the franchise. When it was announced, a price tag of $500 was quoted by the company.

However, this was a massive mistake as Sony had yet to reveal the price for the PlayStation 4 and subsequently priced their console at $400 massively undercutting their competitor. Xbox One, however, would still prove to be a fierce competitor to its rival and went on to enjoy huge success when it came to sales both nationally and internationally.

What’s Next?

Sometime in 2020, we can expect to see the introduction of the next console in the franchise, named ‘Project Scarlett’ or referred to by some as the ‘Xbox 2’.

Some of the features of the new console include 8k resolution compatibility, four times the processing power of the Xbox One as well as players being able to play 4K games at a steady frames per second rate of 120. We currently don’t know what the console of the controllers will look like.

However, we can expect Microsoft not to make the same mistake again when it comes to pricing and instead to price their console a lot more competitively.