The Next Xbox: Project Scarlett

What is Project Scarlett?

Microsoft has announced that the successor to the Xbox One will be gracing us with its presence sometime in 2020 and it goes by the name of Project Scarlett. Today we’re going to be looked at what we can look forward to. So far, Microsoft has boasted that the new console will have four times the computing power of the Xbox One X, which already stands at an impressive 6 teraflops. It will also play 8k resolution Blu-Ray movies as well as an SSD that is described as being ‘lightning-fast’.

The specifications

The processor that’s going to be powering this new console is rumoured to be an AMD Zen 2 processor which has been tailor-made to power this console. On top of this, it will support 120 frames per second gameplay rather than the standard 60.

As we’ve mentioned already it will be able to play 8k resolution movies and has GDDR6 movies. The chief at Microsoft in an interview with Game spot has stated that they have been aiming to get the console able to run games at 4k resolution at a consistent 60 frames per second and the ‘lightning-fast’ SSD is going to be key in achieving this.

There’s also rumours that Project Scarlett may also be supporting Virtual Reality. Thus far, Microsoft hasn’t been able to implement a customised VR system unlike the PlayStation BR however patents attained by Microsoft support these rumours. There’s a strong suspicion that Project Scarlett could include a variety of motion controllers.

However, with all these new features being included, it would be silly to assume that the new console is going to come cheap. The predecessors, the Xbox One and Xbox One X both sold for just short of $500 in their respective years of release. This was a hefty price tag at the time being almost $100 more than the PS4. This was a dire mistake for Microsoft so we can expect them to price Project Scarlett a lot more competitively this time.

Are there any exclusive games?

In conjunction with the release of Project Scarlett, Halo infinite will also be launching alongside, a franchise that has been loyal to the console since the start. Apart from this, there isn’t much that has been announced, however, we can expect it to support upcoming game releases such as Grand Theft Auto 6 and Starfield.

What about the controllers?

Microsoft again has been quiet about what the new controllers for Project Scarlett will look like, however, what we know for certain is that if you have a controller for the Xbox One, it will work perfectly with the new console. Microsoft, of course, has an upcoming release of the Elite Wireless Controller however we’re yet to hear any news on any controllers that have been specifically designed for Project Scarlett.

A final few words

Hopefully, today reading this has made you more excited for the upcoming release of Project Scarlett and has given you a bit more of an insight as to what to expect.