Could We See VR Mats With The Next Xbox?

With the upcoming release of the next console in the franchise, Project Scarlett, many rumours are floating around what it could and couldn’t be offering. Microsoft have also left a lot of us left in suspense leaving much to the imagination.

The few features they have confirmed so far include the ability to play 4K games at 60 frames per second and with a massively upgraded processor. These technical upgrades mean that together these new components will give the console four times the power of the Xbox One X, which in itself is currently the most powerful console on the planet.

One of the biggest unconfirmed rumours currently doing the rounds is concerning whether or not the Xbox Two or Project Scarlett will bring users the chance to play on a VR mat. When you first think about it, the rumour seems a little farfetched.

However, there is good reason for fans to believe it could be true. Microsoft, who design the Xbox, filed for a patent back in April 2018. According to those who have examined the ins and outs of the patent, the edges of this mat will mark the edge of the map on whichever game is being played on.

The twitter user who originally stumbled across the patent for the alleged ‘virtual reality mat’ also found that they had filed another patent which aroused a fair amount of interest – and that is what refers to as a ‘six degree of freedom input voice. Included in the patent documents that are available publicly for your perusal are photos of a boundary mat, stylus and motion controllers.

It is firmly believed that these patents have been filed and these products designed to provide a much more immersive virtual reality experience.

Add to this the comments from the head of Xbox Phil Spencer relating to Xbox’s committed interest in investing in VR technology to go alongside the console and it now becomes quite possible that these rumours could turn out to be true.

VR technology in itself was in its early stages when Xbox released its older consoles, however now it has grown to a stage where it can be compatible with consoles to a much more acceptable level.

In terms of its release date, all we know that Project Scarlett or the Xbox Two will be released sometime next year with the only information we’ve been given is that it will be sometime around ‘Holiday 2020’, which of course refer to any time of the year.

We also know that Halo Infinite, the latest game in the franchise to be launched alongside the new console. The franchise has been loyal and exclusive to Xbox since it’s conception so it’s only fitting in a way for them to continue this.

We can also expect the new console to be much more competitively priced when it comes to the PS5 after the blunder made previously during the Xbox One launch when the price point was considerably higher than the PlayStations.