First Look At FIFA 21 Revealed, But What Should Be Improved To Take The Game To The Next Level?

Football fans around the world may have been concerned that the outbreak of the coronavirus may have had a damaging effect on the upcoming releases scheduled for sports games. However, there is no fear that COVID-19 will mean a year without the EA sports title as a first look at the game was given to fans at the recent EA Play Live event.

Not only that but a release date was also put on the game, with fans able to count down the days until the 9th October for the release of FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There wasn’t any update given regarding whether the game will be available on the upcoming PlayStation and Xbox releases, but it would be hard to believe that the game will not be available. But, which things will all FIFA fans want to be amended before the release hits the shelves?

Fix Career Mode

It would seem as though fans are going to get their wishes this year, with the pre-order benefits offering players a ‘Homegrown Talent’ benefit. Needless to say, this has been an aspect of the game that fans have been demanding improvement on for the previous couple of years and the fact that career mode is now being looked at with a pre-order benefit would indicate that EA have been looking hard at improving the mode.

Career Mode has become stale over the past couple of years, with the most become stagnated with the same transfers happening every single season. There have also been many glitches reported, with some players taking to social media to show pictures of a team winning a trophy without the players being able to lift the award. There will be fresh hope following the recent announcement.

Realistic Aspects Of The Game Added

Football is constantly evolving, and for the most part, FIFA has adapted to the modern game. Fans were given a more realistic experience as goal-line technology was included, and now we could potentially see VAR making its entry. This would give fans a surreal experience as they could potentially see penalties and goals overturned.

Another addition that must be made is goal kicks, with defenders now able to receive the ball in their own box. Adding both these aspects would make the game much more realistic for fans.

More Customisable Options For Players

Pro Evolution Soccer used to be able to stand alone from FIFA as players would have the ability to create their own kits and recreate some of the most famous shirts from yesteryear. FIFA has never really got involved in the edit function, but players have been demanding for years that this should change.

It would give fans the option to take full control of their game, but whether EA Sports will listen to fans on this front remains to be seen. But, players would be thrilled to recreate some of the most iconic kits in this wishful addition on FIFA.