The 4 Most Impressive Fortnite Birthday Cakes

Fortnite has enjoyed a life of its own due to the success that it has achieved since being released in 2017. It could be argued that no other game has enjoyed a three-year period like Fortnite. The success that the game has achieved has ensured that it has had a deep cultural impact, with many fans designed accessories, clothes and other items for day to day life based on the classic game.

One of the most interesting of those has been the cakes that have been designed by die-hard lovers of the game. Here are some of our personal favourites that we have seen.

The Cake That All Fortnite Players Will Love

One of the most common times to create a Fortnite cake would be to celebrate a birthday of an avid fan. This cake would be an excellent choice for those younger players that are wanting to have a party playing the game with their friends. There is a cake at the front of the design, with balloons forming an arch with the Fortnite title in the middle. There is also a drop box which is renowned in the game. It would be the perfect snack before jumping back into the game.

Credit: partyfactorykenya

Perfect For All Younger Players

Another cake design could simply be just one cake that is dedicated to the game. This design will see the face incorporated in the base, with grass on the top. Designers can also become creative with this design, as they could include the age of the person the cake is for as well as including their name. The top of the cake would also be the place to include anything else Fortnite related.


Cupcake Design

One of the best ways to get younger party guests involved in the fun would be to create cupcakes, which can include various images of the characters in Fortnite. As well as this, there can be pictures of other aspects involved in the game, and they can be perfectly customisable to each guest, so they can get their favourite charatcers and features from the game. Best of all for parents, cupcakes will be easier to make than a huge cake design and far less time consuming. Regardless, they are set to still go down a storm.

Credit: BirthdayPartiesForKids

Fortnite Ninja Cake

Some bakers will fancy themselves more in the kitchen, and this design would certainly be aimed at those. Parents will be able to create a cake with a strong base, which will have ‘Fortnite’ across it in icing sugar, before then having their favourite character at the top. This Ninja cake is among the best we saw because of the detail that is in the character at the top of the cake. As well as this, bakers will also be able to include a message to the birthday boy or girl at the bottom of the cake, which will add another layer of customisation to it. This is one of the standout choices for the more experienced bakers.